CinemaScore had a 30-year track record of measuring opening night audience response to new movie releases. Major Hollywood studios valued the company’s distinctive CinemaScore grades and research, and leading newspapers such as the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Hollywood Reporter were citing the company’s grades in movie reviews. With a brand identity that hadn’t changed in 30 years, CinemaScore needed to differentiate itself from new competitors. And the company needed a secure website to make its data available to paying subscribers.


Through our research, TalkWise found that movie studios and newspapers prized CinemaScore’s movie grades and demographic research because they correlated with box office performance. “CinemaScores” had become a movie industry standard by which different movies could be compared–no small feat given that movies (no two are alike) are highly differentiated products. We proposed the brand promise, “Hollywood’s Benchmark,” to convey CinemaScore’s research leadership position, and created a contemporary logo with the gravitas expected of a respected institution. In collaboration with our data management partner, Rosenthal Consulting, we developed secure desktop and mobile websites that enable subscriber access to CinemaScore’s research data.