The company is a market research firm with a growing entertainment focus and serves Hollywood studios and other entertainment clients. The company wanted to emphasize its research strength in entertainment while maintaining relevance for clients in related industries such as publishing. TalkWise had to propose a name and brand strategy suitable for a company serving the crowded (and status-conscious) entertainment industry, yet offering room for growth in other markets.


TalkWise’s research showed that customers viewed Spotlight as a trusted partner offering industry-leading quantitative market research. We selected the brand promise, “Shedding light on truth,” to convey the company’s ability to find meaningful patterns in reams of data. The name, “Spotlight Analytics,” emphasizes the company’s search for solutions in addition to its entertainment expertise. We chose the logo’s color scheme to be the visible spectrum (red-yellow-blue) as a visual metaphor for the white light used by spotlights to illuminate, and to symbolize the company’s analytical prowess.